Udo Raaf started the worldwide first MP3 Blog www.tonspion.de in 1999, which is still the biggest music blog in Germany today. After studying business communication at the Berlin University of Arts, he specialized in search engine optimization and content strategy for German language websites with editorial content with ContentConsultants.

Udo Raaf at Factory Berlin

Since then he has been advising clients from various industries (agencies, publishers, trade unions, federal offices etc. ) on the subject of organic growth in search engines.

His SEO consulting is focused on high quality editorial content in German language for audiences in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

With ContentConsultants he created a network of writers, translators, developers and agencies to deliver the best results for each website, no matter what size.

Please not that we don’t offer SEO consulting for companies with a focus on casino, games or other businesses that might be harmful for others.

SEO Beratung Berlin Udo Raaf
Udo Raaf – Managing Director ContentConsultants (Photo: Jule Müller)

1999 founder of www.tonspion.de as the first MP3 blog worldwide (source: Wikipedia)
Tonspion has reached over 300,000 readers to date only through organic growth.
Clients: all major record companies and numerous well-known brands (Telekom, Sony, Sennheiser, Desperados, Converse, beyerdynamic, Bacardi, Vodafone and many others)

2008 Diploma in Communication in “Communication in Social and Economic Contexts” at the Berlin University of the Arts
Thesis topic “Searching and Finding: Orientation on the Internet”

2008 founder of www.netselektor.de as a social bookmark platform

2014 Founder of ContentConsultants: German SEO Consultant for publishers and brands


since 2017 SEO workshops at Factory Berlin

2019 Interim Head of SEO Consultant at Fuer-Gruender.de GmbH (SaaS company) in Frankfurt

2020 Webinar “Crash Course SEO” for companies in times of the corona crisis

2021 Author of “The SEO Planner – Correctly Organizing and Implementing Search Engine Optimization in Companies (with Checklists)” (Gabler Verlag)

Selection of customers: Axel Springer Corporate Publishing, C3, TLGG, MELO Group, Taz, BGA, Statstisches Bundesamt, DGB, Allianz pro Schiene, CBBL Lawyers, Ver.di, German School Portal and many more.

About the book

The SEO Planner by Udo Raaf (2021)

The SEO Planner provides an easy introduction to the development of a functioning SEO strategy and is intended to help companies plan search engine optimization without errors. The author does not require any technical knowledge and focuses on the core topics that make SEO successful. Search engine optimization not only means „Google optimization“, but also opens a direct channel to the customer.

When we deal with SEO, these important questions are also answered:

  • What are our customers actually looking for?
  • How do you search?
  • Who are our customers anyway and who is the competition?
  • And above all: How can I reach people who have not yet known the company?

While social media mainly only reaches „fans“ of a company or organization, SEO can attract new customers in the long term – without bothering them with advertising. By analyzing search queries, SEO can make the specific needs of its own customers visible.

No company should completely outsource this central task in online marketing to agencies, but should deal with search engine optimization itself and continuously build up and expand the existing knowledge in-house.

In this essential book, Udo Raaf shows how a company gets into the topic and which tools help to improve your own content. It guides you through the entire process of search engine optimization in 8 steps and names all factors that are relevant for people and search engines in order to make web content more visible. With a foreword by Prof. Dr. Mario Fischer (editor of the specialist journal “Website Boosting”).


„With ‚The SEO Planner‘, Udo Raaf wrote a pleasantly compact, well-researched introduction to the topic of search engine optimization. Strong reading recommendation for everyone who wants to familiarize themselves with the subject and want to get an up-to-date overview of modern SEO.“

Dominik Schwarz – Chief Inbound Officer Home2go and founder of Vertical Inhouse, the platform for in-house SEOs

“It is certainly a good start not to expect a specialist book containing several hundred pages to begin with. In books like this it often takes a long time to get to places where you can directly implement something. Udo Raaf’s SEO planner does not burden you with this problem. It gets down to business quickly and, above all, the many checklists help beginners as well as advanced users to keep the line and not forget anything important. The best thing to do is to start right now. This book is ideal for a quick introduction to the topic of SEO. “

Prof. Dr. Mario Fischer (editor of the specialist journal „Website Boosting“ and professor for business informatics at the FH Würzburg – University of Applied Sciences)